Our vision through ALK Learning is to share our cultural diversities through language and play.

To embrace our children's differences and celebrate the unique ways in which we can communicate and shine.

Our Māmā & Pēpi of ALK Learning

Kirby Sefo is the founder and creator for all of our ALK Learning products. Her inspiration and
guiding light to building a start-up business on the side of motherhood and full-time mahi came from her blended family and recent journey of navigating life through single parenting.

Kirby believes that education should be at the core of all young people’s growth, development, and opportunity. However, she also believes that the knowledge surrounding culture, community and generational practice far exceeds the walls of any classroom and is a multi-faceted resource that can be provided by so many shared vessels if we allow it.

“We had such a diverse household of four different cultural backgrounds under the same roof and varying learning and neurodivergent challenges from the boys. It was important to us that they still felt success and that where possible they would continue to believe that they were capable of learning and that we could integrate it with fun”.

ALK Learning products currently serve four cultures; Māori, Cook Island, Samoan and Tongan. This stems from their blended family and one day Kirby would love to be able to work within other cultures and communities to grow the ALK Learning offerings.

“After my daughter was born, I floated the idea of ALK and started to work on a few concepts. Once we moved into a new era facing a single income household and completely new routines and environments my drive to bring ALK to life ignited.”

Kirby believes that being Māori and Samoan, and a full-time working single mum is not an uncommon situation. Being a female founder of a successful start-up business, working full-time, expanding on university and spending quality time with her beautiful growing baby girl is where she hopes to provide visibility to other women like herself that you can work towards doing all of the things you deserve.

“I know it’s not an easy route to take but taking an idea, and building what you can off what you have is so invigorating to me as a woman. It’s a long road but I know that one day I will be able to show and share this proud journey with my daughter. I hope it will instil a fire in her to know that no matter her situation she can always work out a way to be happy and successful at anything”.